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"One year for one beer" is your access to our premium content. 

The premium content area provides you with a lot of added value for you, your boat projects and your boating knowhow.

We do a lot of things on our sailing vessel:

  • Maintaining
  • Refitting
  • Upgrades
  • Sailing experience
  • Formalities around boats
  • Logbook entries
  • ...

And we love to sharing with you - and we even ore love sharing with you on a very very detailed level. We offer you premium access to our secret sources for only 3.49 Euro which we consider as costs for one beer. That is where our slogan comes from. 

For the small amount of only 3,49 Euro (VAT excl.) you become subscriber and you will get full access to all our sources for one year. With that price-equivalent of a beer you can support our work and effort. The content is constantly growing. So you get more and more added value over time. With being a SV LIMA supporter and premium user you will dramatically reduce your preparation time for your own boat projects.


So here is all information about "one year for a beer"


What do I get in detail?

All the activities we do on SV LIMA are planned, prepared and then executed. All the steps are documented in written, video and audio.

We provide you with

  • HowTo plans
  • shopping lists
  • detailed video descriptions
  • detailed explanations in written, in videos and in audio
  • step-by-step instructions
  • prerequisite informations for projects
  • the possibilitiy to discuss with other Premium
  • best practices
  • etc.

All these things we are going to provide in a way we also would like to have it presented. So no high-sophisticated speech and no technical bullshit-bingo only. You get reusable documents, step-by-step guidance and even more you can use for your own projects.


Do you have an example?

We do not just say "we need our teak deck to replace".  Then a short scene while doing the replacement and then the project is done. We try to let you look over our shoulders during the entire process of the complete project. Let us stay with the "new deck example": Get rid of an old teak deck and replace it with per example kiwi grip and partly with a teak plastique deck.


  1. We start with the research => You get detailed info how and where we find our knowledge. URLs, facts, links and more downloadable in document or on a website.
  2. We think about the needed tools => You get a detailed plan about what tools, products, equipment we need.
  3. We purchase the things we need => You get detailed information where we purchase, how much it costs and how much we need from specific parts
  4. We plan the execution of the deck project => You get step-by-step plans what to prepare at which point in time of the project
  5. We do the execution of the project => You get filmed documentation in adequate length with all comments, errors that we made, tips, tricks and more.
  6. We do a wrap up of the project => We provide you with information and facts about what we learned, what went wrong, what went good, what could be better and so force..

All that is brought to you on our special SV LIMA Premium access area with "one year for one beer".


Ok sounds really good. Now I want "one year for a beer". How can I become premium user?

It is pretty easy to access the SV LIMA Premium area by "one year for a beer".

  1. Click "Sign Up" on the lower part of the site and fill the form displayed - we use your information for your subscription only.
  2. Choose payment method and then hit "Process Subscription". Follow the payment instructions and that is all about it. You got successfully "one year for a beer" and have one full year access to all premium resources of SV LIMA. 


What else do I need to know?

  • The subscription is renewed automatically after one year.
  • You will automatically be informed 14 days, 7 days and 1 day before your subscription ends. 
  • You are allowed to reuse all provided documents for your own purposes and you are of course allowed to fit the documents to your own purposes.
  • Our servers are in Germany. These means you data is safe is under the roof of one of the toughest data protection rules all over the world.


Note: On your payment you will see "augusta11" which is fine. SV LIMA is managed by augusta11 consulting GmbH & Co.KG

Duration: 1 year
Price: €3.49

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