Full list of SV LIMA projects (done, in progress, planned)

Full DIY boat project list of SV LIMA

We do a lot of projects on SV LIMA as you can imagine. A boat from 1990 requires enduring maintenance. We are happy sharing all of it with you. Either to give you inspiration and guidance for your own boat projects or just for entertainment. 

On the list below you find all our projects we are going to do. Some of them are done. Some are work in progress and some are in planning status. The list hopefully gives you an overview on the all projects. 

Note: On the right side of the page you should find all project we described in more detail. You can directly click on the link to enter the project article.


# Status Project Details
 1  done Setting up the medical equipment for a sailing vessel

Setting up our medical needs. All that might be useful on our boat during emergencies and all kind of accidents.

 2 in progress  Sealing of rusty keel seam

The seam of the keel has some rust. We sand the rust away and reseal the seam properly.

Currently we have purchased all material. When we put the thick epoxy primer to the underwater body the seam will be sealed shortly before.

 3 in progress Replacing sacrificial anodes of a sailing vessel

Our anodes are eroded. All of them are going to be replaced. 

We have purchased the anodes and we are ready to install it once we are back on the boat.

  in progress New underwater body with Coppercoat

A larger project. Scraping off the old layers of antifouling and primer. Rebuild with new thick epoxy primer and Coppercoat.

Currently we are scraping off the hull down to gelcoat.

   in progress Navicom RT-650 MMSI and ATIS reprogramming

VHF radio is going to be reprogrammed to our MMSI and ATIS

We just received the radio back from programming service. It now needs to be reinstalled.

   in progress AIS CSB200 MMSI reprogramming

AIS Transponder gets our MMSI

We just received the AIS back from programming service. Next step is to install and test it (including the WiFi multiplex connection)

   in progress Replace rigging

The entire rigging is replaced. We also get a new forestay furler.

This will be executed by an external company. They just ordered the new rigg and the new furler (furlex 404S)

 4  in progress Remove 30-year old teak deck and replace with KiwiGrip

Probably the most sophisticated project. Getting rid of a 30 year old teak deck (incl. screws). Sealing the sandwich deck. Rebuild the full deck with epoxy filler and epoxy primer and paint with coating and KiwiGrip (nonskid colour).

Currently we are in the removal process of the old teak deck. Various videos are available already in premium are.

5 in progress How to rebuild old deck hatches Taking the hatches away from the boat and take it home to remove the old screws, teak deck and rebuild it with glass, epoxy, epoxy filler and the final coating & KiwiGrip
6 done How to replace rotten wood from sandwich deck of a hatch Wooden parts in the sandwich structure of one of our hatches has become wet. This needs not to be repaired to preventing delamination.
  planned  Maintain log The log will be put out of the hole in the vessel body and is going to be maintained.
  in progress Installation of NMEA0183 to Wifi for AIS to Navionics

We want to get AIS information from foreign ships on our iPad via Wifi. We are connecting the CSB200 AIS to a Wifi multiplexer.

Currently we have ordered the device and equipment and wait for delivery.

  in progress Installation of Wifi, 3G and 4G antenna Glomex weBBoat 4G Lite EVO

To extend the range of the WiFis and to improve connection to telephone networks like 3G and 4G we are installing a state of the art antenna (Glomex weBBoat 4G Lite EVO).

Currently we have ordered the antenna and equipment and wait for delivery.

   planned Find a proper sound solution  We love music. So a flexible sound solution with good quality has to be found.  
  planned  Find further sails  Currently we do have a Genoa and a main sail. But we do want to have more sails. We have to find out which one and want to purchase it.
  planned Change oil of TAMD31 Volvo Penta engine  
  planned Change oil of a 12KVA Fischerpanda Generator  
  planned Change oil of a 12KVA Fischerpanda Generator  
    ...more to come   

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