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A very warm welcome to you.

Come and join the SV LIMA family. We are Christoph and Tatiana. Our company is owner of the lovely sailing vessel LIMA which we purchased in 2020. Read the full story here.

We do boat (re-)fitting projects, tips, tricks, do-it-yourself ideas, videos, podcasts, documents, plans, lessons learned infos and more. We love to sharing all that with you.


SV LIMA - The story

Get all information from what we do with the boat on a detail level you have never experienced. Usually you see nice looking boating videos on channels like e.g. Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. Pretty good footage sometimes with boat projects sometime with stories of travelling around the world and sometimes with personal stuff of the crew.

We plan to have also these kinds of content but we want to go one further step. We want to provide you with a clear structure that you can really consume what ever you want to see:

We structure it as following. Hover your mouse or your finger over "SV LIMA - the story" on our website svlima.com and you find dropdown menu.



  • SV LIMA - Blog: We tell the entire story of SV LIMA in detail here. From the first idea of purchasing a used sailing vessel to what are we doing currently. You can say this is the "behind the scenes area".
  • SV LIMA - Projects: There is always something to do on a boat. Everyone who owns a boat knows what we are talking about. And usually you are in a "learning-by-doing" mode. No matter if you are doing maintenance, refitting, upgrading or repairing projects. Even small things should ideally be executed correctly with the right tools and the right materials. We show you how we do it and we show it to you on a very detailed level, including:  research knowledge, documents, plans and lists, purchase costs and suppliers, HowTo videos, Lessons Learned information, Tips and Tricks and more. We want you to become better, faster and set up with better knowledge for you own boat projects.
  • SV LIMA - Logbook: Whenever we do a trip with the boat that might be interesting for you we are going to share our logbook. This motivates us to be more precise in writing (you are sometimes lazy with a logbook) and you can get added value out of it for what is necessary to check and plan. But also what can happen during trips and what to take care of.
  • SV LIMA - Vessel: Everything about SV LIMA itself. Facts, equipment and more
  • SV LIMA - Crew: This is the category for us. Get to know who we are why we do what we do. 
  • SV LIMA - Story: At a glance the long story of SV LIMA in short for getting an overview.
  • SV LIMA - Chat (Premium only): Get in touch with the SV LIMA crew. This is premium user only.
  • SV LIMA - Sailing KnowHow (Premium only): What we know about sailing is going to be shared with our premium users. Get tips, tricks , sailing theory like (current management, sail trim, practicing, material and much more). This is premium user only.


There will be an area for premium users - why?

Being owner of a vessel is time consuming especially on doing maintenance and further boat projects. We plan most of our projects as good as possible and we do footages of all the activities for providing it to you. The proper preparation is also pretty time consuming and the equipment is also pretty costly. 

For providing the real added value to you we decided to offer a premium area where you can find re-usable step-by-step guidance, downloadable documents, tips and tricks, videos and podcasts, direct contact to us and much more highly detailed material.

This is all stuff where we think this will reduce your on time on boat projects - from knowledge research over purchasing to executing and then summarising the project (what went good and what went wrong). And our structure might help you with choosing whatever you want to consume. Projects only then you are fine with the projects category. If you are interested in behind the scenes or in us a persons or in SV LIMA as a vessel you get also pretty easy access to whatever you like directly without long research. 

If you like our style and if you get some value for your life from what we do then we invite you to support us with a beer. And this beer will provide you with a full year of being a premium user on SV LIMA.

Get more info about our premium area and "one year for a beer" -> here. You are very welcome.


What is the added value in the premium user area?

The structure is the same like in the free access area but only with a "Premium" extension.

So why also joining the Premium area of SV LIMA? What additional material will you get?

  • SV LIMA - Blog Premium: Far more details on each topic we discuss in the blog. Clearly named sources, prices, infos, contacts and more.
  • SV LIMA - Projects Premium: Far more details of our projects. Clearly named sources, prices, infos, content, hints, lessons learned and more.
  • SV LIMA - Logbook Premium: Much more info on locations, travel, circumstances within special areas, winds, landmarks etc.
  • SV LIMA - Vessel Premium: Get more info about our vessel itself. Raise questions how we use and maintain our equipment.
  • SV LIMA - Crew Premium: Get more in touch with us. Get background info on us a persons.
  • SV LIMA - Story Premium: Experience the story in even more details. Understand why we do what we do and more.
  • SV LIMA - Chat Premium (exclusive): Get in touch with us. Join regular chat sessions.
  • SV LIMA - Sailing KnowHow Premium (exlusive): All we know about sailing will be shared with our premium users. All theoretical topics, best practices, lessons learned, Do's and Don'ts.

 and you get "one year for a beer" which is one year full access for just one beer -> Become premium user now


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