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First there was a motor vessel.

Before SV LIMA existed in the first place we owned a motor vessel. But after using it for some time it became clear that the ecological footprint has been by far too high. We wanted to have a better way of being on the water - with a smaller footprint and with being as close to nature as possible. So we decided to sell our "augusta11" a 40 foot motor vessel in middle of 2020 and started looking for something different...

Pumping hundreds of liter fuel into sea is not really ecofriendly.

We use our boats under the brand "on-a-boat" to bring business people to nature. But promising awesome landscapes, locations and nature and then pumping hundreds of liter of fuel into the same environment didn't feel like a valid story any more. It simply did not fit to our idea of a sustainable treatment of nature.

Our "old" 13m Bavaria 400 vessel "augusta11" during an antifouling maintenance session at dry-dock in early 2016.

Better go sailing.

Now we invest our full energy in sailing. After selling "augusta11" our goal was to find a sailing vessel that is not like the "typical modern" yachts are - built as living room on the water. We wanted to feel the sea, the salt water, the waves and the wind on a "real ship" built for sailing. 

And that is what we want to use in our business for professional blogging, vlogging and for bringing teams from companies on board. We wanted to give them a productive outbreak from their daily business at work. Nothing is more intense, emotional and grounding like being on a sailing vessel.

Skipper Christoph @onaboat

Firstly - we need a ship.

But first we needed a ship. And that is why we connected with the #bootsprofis in mid of 2020. Better said we hired them for helping us finding the right used sailing vessel for us. With their knowledge of the used-boat market in Europe and their practical experience from a 2-year transatlantic trip on a sailing vessel we considered them being the best partner for us for finding the perfect boat. ⛵️

Website of Bootsprofis (German language)

Welcome on board of the full story of SV LIMA.

You will get the full story here in the SV LIMA blog and on our social media channels on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing.

So please look forward to reading a great story with many views behind the scenes of how to purchase a used sailing boat.

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Welcome on board of SV LIMA.



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