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Better with an expert at your side.

In the beginning there was YouTube...Like many other sailing enthusiasts we were watching all sailing videos on the world largest video broadcasting platform. 

Next to the usual suspects like #SVDelos #Sailinglavagabonde #guidodwersteg #sailinguma #ransailing and some more there is s pretty interesting German channel... 

...called @bootsprofis. The commercial channel is provided by father and son, by Hendrik and Dominik, who transformed their passion of sailing into a business. They decided after a 2-year (family)Caribbean trip on their #7seas sailing yacht - a #Comfortina39 - to help people finding their best fitting used sailing vessels.



Sailing is our thing.

We from #onaboat love people with passion and with emotions. With thousands of miles of experience which the Bootsprofis shown in their videos they proved that they know what it is all about: The love to the sea and sustainable treatment of nature. And also discovering the world and get in touch with it on the most elegant way: Sailing.


No more poorly ecological footprint.

Boating and being at sea is what we also love. And we have been a lot at sea. Until early 2020 most of the time on our #augusta11 in the Adriatic Sea. The augusta11 was a #bavaria 400 new sport open motor vessel where we provided different services for our clients. All was fine except of the horribly bad ecological footprint. You can imagine that two motors with in total 640hp are not the most eco friendly way of travelling in the nature. 



So we ended up in the decision to improving our footprint significantly. Iit became clear that we have to sell our motor vessel. And sailing without a vessel does not makes sense. So we then of course needed to get a sailing vessel. We ended up in purchasing SV LIMA and transformed the business services for our clients to this super nice Contest 46S.


Generally we love sailing and also going by motor vessel.

By the way: We do not believe in this stupid "cold war" between sailing and going by motor vessel. We talk about two different paradigm. It is like comparing apples and oranges. Sailing you usually do for the sake of sailing and going by motor vessel is due to go to nice places as fast as possible. I personally have never loved the moment when I was driving our motor vessel  as a skipper. It is too loud and is not really a joy. But we went fast from A to B which was perfect. Sailing is for me a different thing. The world slows down while sailing and this is something for your heart and your soul.

Long story short: We love riding a motor vessel AND a sailing vessel - perhaps sailing a little bit more. Sorry but that is the truth. innocent


Let us go for a used sailing vessel...

So with all that in mind we decided to look for an appropriate sailing vessel. But ideally a used one. 

The reasons for that are:

  • A new boat the same size we had in mind (>45 foot) was - honestly spoken - too costly.
  • Many new boats being created do not reflect that style of boat we have in mind: A ship that is made for "long-term sailing", a real ship and no living room at sea, a ship made with excellent craftsmanship and with very high builders' quality.
  • Used sailing vessels often use technology that is not one fancy smart modern system. If these fully-connected-cool-smart-screen-controlled boats do get some water in the electrics or a flash gets into the vessel it is by far more likely that you will NOT be able to repair it by your own. And according to "Murphys' law" it either way happens in the worst moment ever. We like systems that to have a simple energy source, cables, fuses, switches and a motor / a tool for its own. Something you understand if you are not electrician and that is a system that can deal with the salty and humid environment at sea.
  • Used boats are better equipped. Well maintained used vessels do have the long-term experience of one or two (or sometimes three or more) former owners in the boat. You buy this better equipment as well. Not a more expensive plotter or super radar. We talk about the small things: A red light at a specific place when you drive the boat at night, an additional handrail for more safety, a hidden dustbin at a clever place, stuff like this.
  • With the help of a surveyor you know by far better what you get. When we bought our - new - vessel in 2015 straight from the boatyard we had a pretty long punch list and we experienced a lot of - let us say it in a friendly way - not so good components built in. We even had a pretty lousy swimming ladder that we had to change three(!) times during warranty. A used boat usually has components that work. Ok they often are old - but they work.
  • Older vessels do have more character and a soul. Believe it or not. Be kind to your boat and and it will give you so much back. And we prefer dealing with a boat that indeed has a soul and a specific character.


...with the help of bootprofis.

So putting it all together: We need a used sailing vessel + the #bootsprofis help people finding a used sailing vessel = connect us with the bootsprofis.

By the way: We do not get paid for telling about the collaboration. We just tell our story.


Added value of having an expert next to you while searching for a used vessel

Looking for a used boat is a little more difficult than looking e.g. for a used car. 

There are challenges like:

  1. You find potential boats most likely on websites. But they are placed somewhere in the world - unfortunately most of the time not close by. So you have to do long travels for just visiting an individual boat. This is time consuming and also costly.
  2. ...
  3. ...
  4. ...
  5. ...

Note: You can find all challenges explained in SV LIMA premium area. Provide us with a beer and you get access for a full year. Get more info. (If you are already premium user you can reach premium area via top level menu "SV LIMA - Premium". This is only visible if you are premium user) 



Having an expert at your side helps a lot:

  1. Experts help you to align with brokers/owner BEFORE you need to visit a vessel. Raising the right questions to the owner/broker will help you finding out if it is worth visiting the vessel. This saves you from many useless trips to - for your purposes - wrong boat. This means less wasted time and less wasted money. We had only one trip and during that trip we decided to purchase LIMA.
  2. ...
  3. ...
  4. ...
  5. ... 

Note: You can find all information on how experts help you in the SV LIMA premium area. Provide us with a beer and you get access for a full year. Get more info. (If you are already premium user you can reach premium area via top level menu "SV LIMA - Premium". This is only visible if you are premium user) 


In the next blog post you get a more detailed understanding of what it means to work together with a boating expert / surveyor / consultant.

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